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Crossbow vs Compound Bow: Our Thoughts

This is a very touchy subject for a lot of folks, and there are many that would consider crossbows to be so different from traditional vertical bow hunting that they believe crossbow hunters should be banned prohibited from hunting during the “bow” season. Clearly, we are not going to change the minds of many people […]

Faceoff: crossbow vs compound bow

hunting arrows and bolts - a guide

A Guide to Hunting Arrows and Bolts

As with most weapons, the quality and selection of your ammunition is paramount, and this truism applies with particular force to arrows and “bolts” (i.e., crossbow arrows). Why? It’s because with arrows, there is just a lot of things going on, like spine stiffness, overall length, weight, tip shape, fletching etc. And for hunting arrows, […]

Crossbow Scopes Explained

Being able to scope your crossbow is what in part makes them such effective one-shot hunting weapons. And the good news is that for anyone even remotely familiar with conventional firearm scopes, using and sighting crossbow scopes is straightforward – although you may need to become a bit more comfortable with range-finding if you are […]

All about crossbow scopes

recurve vs compound bow

Recurve vs Compound Bows

For many just getting into archery and hunting bows, the question often arises – what are the pros/cons associated with recurve vs compound bows? It’s a fair question, and one we hope to shed a bit of light on for those debating between the two. Let’s get to it…. The Recurve Bow, a Classic Design […]

Crossbow Cocking Aids

If there’s one thing that you need to at least need consider before buying your first crossbow, it’s how you intend to cock it, and what, if any, crossbow cocking aid is right for you. This is not a question only for “wimps” either. If you haven’t used a crossbow before, you’d be surprised at […]

All About Crossbow Cocking Aids